In This Corrupt System, The Uneducated Customers Paid For The Educated Ones

Don't Be One of the UNEDUCATED Ones

Every Loophole, Psychological Trick,
Pressure Technique, & Financing Secret Revealed!

You're about to discover . . .

Why "hiding your trade" until negotiating your new car is flat-out wrong - How they can still pump the profits right back into your deal (and with a vengeance).

How to get the best financing rate that you qualify for - Dealerships routinely bump your true financing rate by 2-3 points. Find out how to get them working for you.

The #1 way to get the most for your trade from a dealership - This alone can save $2000 or more when you're dealing with a trade-in.

How the "no hassle pricing" system works, and how it sets you up to pay even more money - The price of the new car is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. See the other angles the dealer works in to re-coup the lost profits . . . and then some.

Save up to 56% on your new car accessories - This simple trick can add up to fast savings, while still getting manufacturer-quality accessories.

The truth about leases - See exactly how leases are calculated, and how their fancy terminology allows for even more profits to be packed in right under your nose.

Like those pre-paid service coupons? You'll think again after reading this . . . What's really going on with pre-paid maintenance plans.

The persuasion tactics they'll use to push you onto colors, features, and sometimes even a whole different car that you normally wouldn't want. Know how to spot and overcome their influence tactics to push you onto things you aren't interested in.

How they stack the numbers to hide the true deal, leaving you comparing apples to oranges as you comparison shop prices. Discover how to see which dealer is actually making you the best offer.

The absolute best day of the month to buy a car - Knowing this can save you thousands, even taking you well below invoice.

How the "end of model year sale" is burying you in your new purchase - buyer beware!

"Tires For Life," dealer-only "Lifetime Warranties," and other common ploys. What's really in it for them? Find out here.

What a "documentation fee" (doc fee) really is, and what you can do about it. Don't take them at their word - check this out, first.

What they mean when they say they'll "pay off your trade" . . . Watch out for this tactic. It can create a cycle of becoming upside down in your car purchases for years to come.

And much more!

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